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!WELCOME! The history of The Lair Zone!

by Teros

Welcome to "The Lair Zone". We went through a lot of different changes since I opened up this site back in 2003. I was once a Sonic the Hedgehog only site named "Sonic Version 1". Later on I expanded and added Conker to the mix and called the site "Sonic & Conker's Lair". After that, my friend joined and added his lil' section, but the name stayed. We were just about informing people about things from these two franchises. The latest Conker game was released and it got it's fame for a few months, as well as a new Sonic game. Conker didn't get new info after it's release and Sonic games started to decline in quality. I left the site for a few years.

I later found an old hobby of mine while searching through my computer called M.U.G.E.N in early 2006. All the memories of that back when it first came out back in '01. So, I decided to see what the community was up to after so long. I found out that they had a new Windows version, mine was still DOS. I didn't remember much, so I had to relearn things. After a year into returning, I decided to try making something. I tried to make a character first, Dante from Devil May Cry, I cancelled it because I just didn't want to make all those sprites. I did some though. So, I moved to stage making. First stage was a one layer image, was never released and still wont. Then as I learned more coding and made a multi-layer stage called "Mountain Range" based off a Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance stage. It was sendspaced at the time... then I somehow remembered this ol' site I had. I cleaned it up and made it Mugen related. Name changed to just "The Lair", since it isn't about Sonic & Conker anymore. Now, here we are!

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